Newport Renovation and Garage Project

Excavation and construction works at our Newport water view project are now well under way.

newport bulk excavation

newport bulk excavation

Our Newport project currently featured in our portfolio section as a 3D concept model has now gained both DA and CC approval.

This project required extensive consultation with Pittwater Council due in part to the fact that the sites complex topography and existing structures did not easily fit within councils standard development guidelines.

In order to meet the owners design requirements for a enclosed double garage within the front setback and associated property improvements the projects SEE (statement of environmental effects) needed to address four areas of variation from councils DCP (development control plan) and formally request councils merit based consideration.

Extensive 2D & 3D shadow studies were also provided as additional information during the DA process. These studies demonstrated that overshadowing of the adjoining neighbours property was quite limited and fell well within solar access requirements.

With the neighbours’ concerns satisfied, DA approval was gained and works are now progressing.