As Built Measured Drawings

As built measured drawings of existing structures combined with a quality survey are essential requirements for any alterations and additions project. A thorough as built measure typically involves one to two days on site, recording measurements of items such as room sizes, structural elements, window positions and size, floor finishes, ceiling heights and importantly wall thicknesses which can vary considerably throughout older dwellings.

Measured drawings are then completed in CAD in our office to be used in the concept design process, to calculate floor areas and the like and to ensure realistic connections between existing and new building elements such as roof planes and framing.

A design based on competent site measurements provides cost savings throughout the entire build process by reducing design and construction errors and allowing accurate materials estimates.

Some design service providers may minimise or not perform this important step in the renovation process in an effort to reduce their fees to the client. Unfortunately this will often result in costly errors far in excess of any saving initially achieved.