Exempt and Complying Development Code

In 2008 the NSW state government via the Department of Planning introduced a new SEPP (State Environmental Planning Policy) known as the Exempt and Complying Development Code.

What has since become commonly known as CDC is intended to provide NSW home and in some cases, business owners with an alternative and streamlined alternative to the traditional DA / CC process. Although still undergoing updates and revisions the SEPP allows “eligible” projects to gain commencement approval in approximately ten days whilst avoiding what has often become a lengthy, uncertain and expensive DA approval process. Council’s traditional DA approval role including neighbour consultation does not apply to CDC applications.

A higher level of approval documentation is however required for CDC as the approval process effectively combines both of the more traditional DA and CC processes. Homes by Design typically includes a reduced fee option for CDC in its formal quotations in acknowledgement of the fact that some documentation typically required for DA is not necessary for the CDC process.

Importantly a CDC design must fit within stringent design criteria with no option for merit based consideration. Due to this fact many clients with difficult sites or fixed design requirements may still elect to go down the DA / CC path in order to achieve a more desirable site optimised result.

A complying development code application can be lodged for consideration with council or a private non-council approved building certifier.

Some minor works also fall under the category of exempt development and therefore do not require any approval, providing the work carried out falls within the criteria nominated under the SEPP.

For more details visit the planning.nsw.gov.au website.