Project Costs

How much will my Sydney building project cost?

new-roof-beforeThis question is without a doubt the most common inquiry Building Designers, Architects and Builders receive, often very early in the interview and consultation process.

new-roof-afterBecause new building works and renovations are of such a highly complex nature with many variables it is also a question that cannot be easily or accurately answered without a significant amount of preliminary design and formal estimation works being undertaken.

new-roof-framingHomes by Design strongly recommends that its clients undertake an initial project feasibility study accompanied by a preliminary concept design prior to moving on to resolved design drawings.

These preliminary concepts can then be assessed by a reliable builder or quantity surveyor for an initial estimation of likely project costs.

In order to receive a realistic and unbiased project cost estimate we strongly suggest that our clients pay an appropriate fee to an independent consultant.

Once an initial project costing has been received clients can then make an informed decision as to whether the initial concept fits their budget and lifestyle constraints or if some redesign is necessary to perhaps reduce costs.

Home Building Costs Rule of Thumb

To ascertain as to whether a project can precede to formally ordering a concept design the following rule of thumb formulae initially can be applied.

Project Example Project and Site Description (greater Sydney based) Approximate Cost (per m2 of internal floor area)
Renovations Most Basic Project home style, yet custom design renovation on a level site with good access $2,500 per m2
Renovations Contemporary Contemporary, lifestyle orientated design with some custom or luxury inclusions on a level site with good to fair access $3,500 per m2
Complex or Luxury Architecturally complex new or renovated homes with high quality materials and finishes on a difficult or constrained site often with poor access $4,500 per m2 or above

NOTE: The above rule of thumb formula is provided on an indicative basis and is in no way intended as a guarantee. Costs must always be confirmed by formal estimate provided by a qualified and independent consultant.

Factors Influencing Project Costs

The following items will impact the above approximate cost of build further and will need to be considered more thoroughly via a formal quotation or building cost estimate:

site excavation

  • Steep site slope over 10%, landslip affected or generally difficult topography
  • Site constraints i.e. access, easements, bushfire risk, view loss or privacy issues
  • Council requested DA and CC specialist reports and consultant requirements
  • Upper storey or works at elevated heights
  • Landscaping, site works, retaining walls and bulk excavation
  • Custom joinery and high quality inclusions
  • Energy efficiency inclusions such as double glazing, photo voltaic panels & the like
  • Other non-standard design items that may be required